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General information

Official Name : The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Political system : Parliamentary democracy
Capital name : Dhaka
Time zone : GMT + 6 hours
Major cities : Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barisal, Rangpur
Principal rivers : Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Brahmaputra, Teesta, Surma and Karnaphuli.(total 310 rivers including tributaries)
Principal industries : Ready made garments, pharmaceuticals, cements, garment accessories, chemicals, fertilizers, newsprint, leather and leather goods, paper, sugar, jute, ship building
Principal exports : Readymade garments, frozen foods (shrimps), leather, leather products, jute, jute products, tea, ceramic, textile fabrics, home textile, chemical product, light engineering products including bi-cycle.
Source: Statistical Pocket Book Bangladesh-2010, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics


Location : Between 200 34′ and 260 38′ north latitude and between 880 01′
and 920 41′ east longitude
Boundary : North, West and East: India
South East: Myanmar(Burma)
South : Bay of Bengal
Area : 56,977 sq. miles or 147,570 sq. km.
Territorial water : 12 nautical miles
Main seasons : Summer (March-May), rainy season (June-September) and winter (December-February)
Climate variations :
Season Temperature Rainfall Relative humidity
maximum minimum
Pre monsoon 32.60C 22.40C 453 mm 74%
Monsoon 31.50C 25.50C 1,733 mm 86%
Post monsoon 30.50C 21.40C 210 mm 80%
Winter 26.50C 13.90C 44 mm 73%
Annual 30.40C 21.20C 203 mm 78%
Principal seasonal crops and fruits : Paddy, jute, wheat, tobacco, pulses, oil seeds, spices, vegetables, jack-fruit, banana, mango, coconut, pineapple etc.
Natural resources : Natural gas, coal, lime, white clay, granite, glass sand.
Source: Statistical Pocket Book Bangladesh-2010, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics


GDP total : $112.00 bn (at current prices 2011-12)
GDP per capita : $772 (at current prices 2011-12)
GDP growth rate (%) : 6.32 (at constant prices 2011-12)
Total exports : $24.287 bn (2011-12)
Total imports : $35.44 bn (2011-12)
Total FDI : $1.136 bn (2011), $462.77 m (Jan-June,2012)
Forex reserves : $12.35 bn (Nov, 2012)
Currency : BDT (1 BDT=$0.0121) (avg 2011-12)
Source: Bangladesh Economic Review-2012, Ministry of Finance
Export Promotion Bureau