Summary of the Rent and Other Fees for Mongla Economic Zone

Utility Bill

Current Commercial Rate of Utility (rate of cost):

Commercial Rate in USDWater (Per CM)Gas (Per CM)Power (Per Kwh)
Flat Rate
Off-Peak TimePeak Time
USD 0.344USD 0.145USD 0.125USD 0.108USD 0.153

Utility Bill will be charged at the rate of cost to the LESSOR plus a margin/reasonable service charges.

Security deposit for utility service shall be equivalent to 3 months’ payable bills. The probable bills will be calculated on the basis of the demand by LESSEE for the utility connections.

Default in payment of the utility bills within fifteenth days aforesaid, a surcharge 2% per month shall be levied.

*** Rate of Utility is variable according to government decision.