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Bangladesh will become global leading economy

economic bangladesh


Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Ma Mingqiang yesterday said Bangladesh has all the reasons to become one of the leading economies in the world and China wants to support it in every possible way, reports UNB.

“You’ve all the possibilities to become a leading economy in the world,” he said mentioning that the change he has seen on development front in Bangladesh is an indication of a ‘booming economy’.
Terming Bangladesh a time-tested friend, the Chinese Ambassador said they do not have any “selfish interest” in Bangladesh as they just want to see a developed Bangladesh as China believes a well-developed Bangladesh will be an asset for China.

Ambassador Ma was addressing a workshop on ‘China-Bangladesh Cooperation on Human Resources Development” at a city hotel.
Chinese Embassy Commercial Counsellor Li Guangjun and Ddditional Secretary, Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance Mohammad Asif-uz-Zaman also spoke on the occasion. Describing Bangladesh’s prospects, the Chinese envoy said Bangladesh has a huge potential market, huge labour force and very strategic geo-location in between three major economies – India, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.

“So, finance and capital will come into Bangladesh and technology will also come into Bangladesh,” he added.
He appreciated government’s efforts to set up 100 economic zones in the country and said Bangladesh will see more Chinese investors’ presence here through the initiative.
Laying emphasis on qualified human resources, Ambassador Ma said it is highly important to have qualified skilled workforce for development. “Human resource is the core element of development. We wish to share our experiences and technology without any reservation,” he said.

Citing an example, the Ambassador said China sent 50,000 mid-level officials to Singapore to develop expertise.
On future cooperation, Ambassador Ma said China wants to carry out “more functional cooperation” with Bangladesh in the coming days.
Li Guangjun said Bangladesh and China have a lot of works to do in the coming days and laid emphasis on joint efforts to take the relations to next level.
Officials from the Prime Minister’s Office, Industries Ministry and Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) shared their experienced acquired through their participation in programmes held in China.

From : UNB